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Bloggers Wanted

Never a more dangerous phrase for a PR to speak…

One of the brands I do PR for is a make up range which has, until this last few years, been made for ethnic women. We have however now gotten up to over 50 lipstick shades, and theres been a rise in white women wearing them. Not a bad thing, nice to diversify.

The problem is the brand has a low PR Budget. Aside from me, maybe £50 a month. So we rely on bloggers and word of mouth. I had a schedule and 100 bookmarked bloggers I was going to speak to to introduce the brand to the white womens market.

One of the guys in the office hopped onto the Twitter account, and in a slightly clueless, but awfully well meaning way, said ‘#BloggersWanted for reviews’.

Within hours we had over 400 requests for free products. Most of which lacked any of 7 things I look for in bloggers wanting products for review.

I found out why my inbox filled up, deleted the tweet, then explained why I lack the head for dealing with that hashtag. He said he had seen someone else using it and thought it might be a good idea.

So my day today, when I was meant to be writing about the GQ Men of the Year awards and an article on the Ace Cafe Brighton Burn Up 2016, was instead spent almost entirely answering emails from bloggers asking for free products.

#BloggersWanted… Yes they are… Bloggers are awesome… But man that hashtag is lethal!