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Woody’s Shave Relief Balm

What is it?
Woody’s Shave Relief Balm for soothing and moisturizing the skin post shave. Another from TheModernMan box a few weeks back.

How To Use
Squeeze some into your palms, apply to face and neck post shave.

The Pros
It works well for soothing and moisturizing. It has a pleasant citrus fragrance. The bottle is huge. 177ml! You do not need much, so even shaving daily this would last months. The price is pretty good too. I also like the branding. The surfer logo on the deep brown works very well. Unlike yesterday’s Morgans Moustache Cream, I like the look of this on my bathroom shelf.

The Cons
I do not have any cons Woodys Shaving Balm… Be wary if you do not like citrus smells?

The Take Away
Brilliant value for money, pleasant smell, makes the face all soothed and moisturized. Good for them that feel grizzled and rough after a shave. Better for them that get grizzled when having to shop for this stuff regularly.

Woody’s Shave Relief Balm


Remington trimmer

Mens grooming is a kinda important subject. We have a habit of not giving shit about ourselves and just letting ourselves go.

I have always been a scruffy guy. My hair has a natural birds nest look to it. I hate ironing so my clothes often have creases. I used to eat like a horse. I always however wore smart jeans and shirts.

Somewhere along the lines I stopped caring about my appearance.

My jeans would end up with holes in before I got new ones. I stopped wearing shirts and threw on any old thing. Mens grooming was not something I was interested in.

The problem was the less I cared about my appearance, the less I cared about everything me. I became de-motivated. My health was not right. I ate crap.

I realized this year I needed to start looking after myself again. I bought some nice jeans, decent shirts, and subscribed to Toppbox. For the first time ever I used mens grooming products. As well as eating better and aiming to get fit. A part of the process.

I got samples of Bluebeards Revenge beard balm, Trevarno Moisturizer, Gruhme and Saracamouche and Fandango were in the first box.

I kinda felt it contributed to my appearance and made me care a little bit more about me. I used all of 3 of the products and I am halfway through the Gruhme.

I still look scruffy, but now I am sexy scruffy instead of messy scruffy.

Mens grooming is for some men kinda important for mental and physical health. We do not need to spend hours preening in front of the mirror like a twit, but just spending 2 minutes a day and a couple of quid on a decent grooming product might do you the world of good as far as giving a shit about yourself goes.

As its mens grooming day, I will be following this post with a few reviews from the last Toppbox and a look at this months Toppbox.

Do you box?

The brands I work for get approached by subscription box companies weekly looking for free or painfully low cost products to put into subscription boxes. I am generally against them, because none of them guarantee any PR, Blog or future business return.

However, as I am making an effort to look after myself better, I figure its worth trying a 3 month subscription to the mens Toppbox. Toppbox have some really good mens brands on board, only one for mens grooming worth looking at in the UK at the moment.

My first one arrived with a Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm, Trevarno Organic Mens Moisturiser, Gruhme and Scaramouche & Fandango Body Wash

I have never used moisturizers or balms before. The products I got are all 4 – 5 stars on Amazon so rated pretty good (if maybe a lil small). You only get sample sizes in the box.

I’ll let you know how I get on with them.