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Landscape made with Autodesk Sketchbook on Android.

Jetpack 4.3.1

Something has happened. And it is a bit hurty.

Since updating Jetpack a few days ago, everything on my site stat wise went into free fall. I went from comments on every post with 100+ likes down to less than 10 likes per post. I’ve tried reconnecting Jetpack, apparently to no avail. I am not the only person having problems.

I will figure it out. But for now, I shall simply shout at my devices until something works.

Let me know if you to have had issues with this update. We can shout (or fix things) together. ūüôā

Problem Posts

An issue keeps occurring on my tablet. Posts that publish themselves on months back dates at random. It usually happens when I am editing something, but this weeks posted for March 2016 when I was editing the text. On a tablet you do not see the dates on pre-scheduled posts without skipping to a second page to edit the time, date and tags so theres no way off accidentally changing them. *Sigh*

On top of that the Android app no longer refreshes properly. So in Reader I am only able to go down 10 posts tops and if I edit anything it rarely saves drafts properly. Often mashing up posts texts so the next time I open it I wonder if Stevie Wonder typed it.

Need to get the new laptop sorted onto Linux properly with a decent hard drive and move off of Android for blogging for now.

Now if only someone at PC World hadn’t fibbed when they sold me this laptop…

In a bit Ello

I posted the other day that the Ello.com Beta for Android had come about. I was pretty excited, this was the social media platform I wanted to try. However, I cannot leave comments from the Android App. Naff it. Well it is a beta, I am sure that will be fixed in due course. Until then, I will see you in a bit Ello.co.

The Search for a Laptop

My Medion Akoya¬†is 4 years old, the battery died long ago,¬†the¬†WiFi card is burnt out and the LAN port wont hold the cable. It got¬†an upgrade of a 960 GB Sandisk Ultra SSD and 8 GB of Ram, so it is¬†quite nippy, but there’s no denying its dying.

I use my netbook for work and home, its mainly used to browse the web, blog, email and occasional graphics design using GIMP and Inkscape. A minor quandary follows.

I tried a few laptops in PC world and found for a good fast laptop with a nice screen you need to spend £600+. I would want at least a high end i5 laptop with 8gb of ram, such as the HP Envy.

The alternative is a high end 10 inch tablet such as the MediPad M2, for as little as £288, with a blisteringly fast web browsing experience and fantastic screen. Add a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and your sorted. Kinda. That would mean I had no GIMP or Inkscape as its Android.

The ARM¬†processors and lack of dedicated graphics cards makes Android so cheap compared to laptops but the software’s not quite there yet. Is it worth paying half the price for something that¬†‘isn’t quite there yet’?

I doubt it.

My search for a new laptop continues.