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Salon International 2016

Gah. My idiocy left me a Lil gutted again.

I visited the Salon International this weekend at the Excel London. Found a couple of potential new clients, picked up a smidgen of PR work and was given a few samples of Mens products to blog about.

Not bad. But I do like to get as much as I can out of an event and at Salon International, my camera battery died within the first 7 photos. I had a spare battery with me, which I found after I had left and was on my home. DOH! There was a lot of missed potential for me to get some great photos. The above will have to do.



Brighton Burn Up 2016

brighton burn up ace cafe 2016

Last week I headed to Brighton for the annual Brighton Burn Up. 50,000 or more motorcycles heading to one coastal town, good fun! I took the Sinnis Retrostar. The days break downs involved my rear brakes springs snapping. I shall of course be replacing them with Herald springs. *Sigh*