Ever been dive bombed by a bird? I have. Frequently.

The worst seem to be the uncoordinated pigeons at Wembley Park tube station. They just used to fly in random directions and often at your head.

In later years I discovered this may have been intentional after reading Pigeon Jons Twitter feed.

Doodled with Posca Pens.


“Bloody teachers” grumbled Vicki.

“What’s up?” asked Autumn.

“My math teacher just called me average” ranted Vicki.

“Oh dear” replied Autumn. “How mean…”

Tales of the Blue Moon

Artline Stix Brush Marker – Dance

What is it?
An Artline Stix Brush Marker from the missus recent ScrawlrBox. A brush marker with marker pen ink. Interestingly has connectors so you stick pens together like lego and build with them. Alternatively clip them together and skip the need for a pencil case.

The Pros
Nice and big in the hand, smart gimmick with the sticky stix (not lego, but really lego) connectors. You get marker ink out of a brush for wide variation in line width.

The Cons
The brush just was not flexible. I like messy doodles, but this was too much messy, it was annoying. I drew 3 things with it, then put it down and never looked back. Also I do not think I will ever use the sticky stix (not lego, but lego) thing. I do not imagine many kids will either. If someone has a kid can you ask them for me please? Ar sticky pens something that would excite kids or annoy everyone?

The Take Away
Do not like. Silly gimmick brush pen with a bad brush. Gimme a Posca any day.

Artline Stix Brush Marker

Not very deep

Inspired by Phil Hustons “Not Very Deep Thoughts.”

I find his thoughts quite deep to be honest. A blog of conversational fiction, good read for that time between Christmas and New years when everyone is either shipping or in limbo waiting for the new year to begin.

As usual doodled with Posca Pens.


“Did you hear” asked Kat, “Brad Pitt has a new missus!”

“Let me see that” said Beth, pulling the celebrity gossip magazine out of Kat’s hands.

“Oh you don’t read these magazines too do you?” Reala asked Autumn, pointing at the magazine in her hands.

“Nono” said Autumn holding up her copy of Scientific Kiwi, to the assembled Mooners.

“Ah no gossip there” said Beth.

“Well” said Autumn, “I just read Oxygen and Magnesium are going out.”

The Mooners all looked at Autumn.

“I’m like OMg” grinned Autumn.

Tales of the Blue Moon