For Hire

There are a lot of things Sable and his dogs can do when fueled on cups of tea. Armed with just a tablet, camera and netbook.  You can hire them to do the following things.


Manage Social Media – Representing brands and building followings.

Build Websites – Teaching your staff how to maintain them.

Digital Marketing – Need reviews on blogs, vlogs and websites? I can manage that.

Real World Marketing – Making banners, getting into shows or store promotions.

Teach – Sable knows about PC’s, Linux, Android and Software on them.

Write Stories – For you and your brand.

Write Scripts – Mostly comedy sketches, but can change genre on a whim.

Take Photos – Of dogs, motorcycles, and sandwiches.

Create Digital Art – Graffiti on photos, MSPaints and make minimal wallpaper.


Want to hire Sable or his dogs for any of the above? Click Here and drop him a mail.