Blue Moon Theatre History



13th of May 2009. Long time ago in interwebs time and Second Life time. 5 people banded together to open the Blue Moon. It was going to be a new adventure. Buzzing with enthusiasm, Guinness, and Scooby snacks.

The Old Days


The Blue Moon ran for a few months in a corner of the Feschenko sim, weekly performances from Clairade Dirval and EdHausen Morpork. We had live stand up and open mic every Tuesday. We did not fit the usual club mould in Second Life, no neon lights, no adverts, a lack of overtly sexual stuff. But we did good in the old days. We were something new and fresh.Back then we knew we were on to something due to the sheer amount of people that hung out at Moons just because they felt it was a cool place.

The Beehollow Era


An odd time in the Blue Moon history. We were forced to move to Zindra, the new (at the time) adult lands in Second Life. We got a huge beauty of the plot. 20k square foot +. We expanded! On our plot we had a huge beach with a surfing sea and a surf shop. Two clubs, a hand full of shops, a church.
Something didn’t feel right about us in Zindra though. We began to lose our stride. We downsized some, we eventually removed everything except the club. Something still was not right. We took a step back and looked at the way Second Life had changed and the route we had taken. It was then we realized. Zindra had eroded our clubs personality. Everything in Zindra felt the same, and everyone was treated the same, oddly including us. As far as most residents and the Lindens were concerned, if you were in Zindra, you were just another brothel, regardless of what happened at your venue. We were unsettled by this. We were losing that zing we began with. We had lost that thing that made us different and cool.

Art Deco Theatre Era


We had our heads low about now. The most remarkable timing how ever gave us our next step. We had decided Zindra was not for us, we were debating closing up shop, when a wander around Second Life revealed our original spot in Feschenko was up for sale.We had a talk and decided we would return to mainland Second Life. We would try big fluffy burlesque performances, put on big shows, we had a good crack at it and it worked. Mags built us a beauty of a theatre to perform in! It was incredible doing shows there! We began mixing in theatre performances, Blue Moons written story’s, sketches, plays, and comedy.We regained out footing in Second Life, we got our mojo back and we ran with it.

Jazz & Blues Bar Era


After a good long run on the theatre, and finding out of the 5 original owners there were only 2 of us left active, we decided we wanted to take a semi retirement.We have ‘been there and done that’ with Second Life. But we had something good going with Moons, something we didn’t want to just throw away. So we reduced down to a bar. We kept a stage which we could do weekly cabarets and shows on. The girls continued to do burlesque performances. We get invited to perform in dance festivals and the like now. The bar became a relaxed place that no longer took much of our time.

Owl Theatre Era


Yeah… Now…. Not sure what happened with this…Despite our best efforts to wind the place down, Blue Moon was still getting used as a hangout. We had a few rebuilds but something wasn’t right for me. I wanted a theatre, but I wanted to try something more imaginative. We had done the art deco thing back in the first era and the box theatre wasn’t quite doing it for me. So I knocked it down, made a new build within 2 hours and filled it with owls and more fantastical theatrical things.We had baby owls watching TV, owls reading books, an owl king up stairs guarded by 3 stooges, an owl with a fez, and an owly pirate bar.Owls are cool, I wear an owl now.


Fruit Theatre Era


We had rolled past 3 years of age. 3 years!!!! May 2012 I was presented with some RL decisions. As RL was calling, my time and money were going to be a touch more valuable. Moons was still chugging along. We went to all the dance and show festivals. We still got invited to do shows for people. The place was doing good and was still enjoyable to run. So, I made the decision to cut it down as much as I could. A micro theatre that would cost so little to run it could just sit as a play thing until the grid itself closes. All in the place costs me less than £10 a month to run at time of writing.The Owls shifted about, we got some fruit for seats, some nice mesh lights, I rebuilt the club to fit on the tiny dimensions of a 560 m plot. We are possibly the smallest long running venue in SL, and we are going to be running for a lot longer now!

Red Brick Era

secondlife-postcard 4

We progressed to a red brick theatre in 2013. We have had a dozen variants of this build, but settled on a build that doesnt know what it is. Part bar, part theatre, part old, part new. It still has Owls, and Gmok the doorman returned along with comfy sofas. Its all rather red at Moons!



That’s where we are today. A little theatre and bar in Feschenko. A home where we perform regular cabarets and comedy shows with odd Monsters Balls and occasional live singers. Try swinging by when we have an event on and say hello. We still travel and perform elsewhere if asked so if you want a bunch of reprobates to put on a performance at your sim drop us a message here or in world to Naiki Muliaina.

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