I rode a Sinnis Trackstar from 0 to 67,500 km between June 2012 and June 2015. Enjoying my time so much with it, after its eventual demise, I bought a Sinnis Retrostar.

Information on both bikes can be found below :

Sinnis Retrostar Long Term Review – Updated monthly for its first year.

Sinnis Retrostar Flickr Gallery – For images following the life of a Sinnis Retrostar

Blog Posts Tagged Sinnis RetrostarAll the fluff I have ever written or posted about the Retrostar

Sinnis Trackstar Concise Review – The Short n Curly edition

Sinnis Trackstar Long Term Review – 4 Really big posts made about 21k that were mostly relevant right to the end

Blog Posts Tagged Sinnis Trackstar – All the fluff I have ever written or posted about the Trackstar

6 thoughts on “Sinnis

  1. Lukasz


    Thanks for Sinnis Trackstar rewiev, i just bought one for my self ;)
    Can you tell me where did you find back rack?

    1. sable Post author

      For the trackstar my dealer Black Dogs in Staines ordered it for me. You can get then direct from Sinnis and I once heard GN125 racks fitted the trackstar, not sure which model and that was 4-5 years ago though.

  2. George

    Enjoyed reading the latest reviews, but the way the relationship went downhill rapidly at the end was intriguing.
    Were you dissapointed all along but trying to look on the brightside, or did something more catastrophic happen that we havent divulged?
    Nice looking bike, and I personally would still be interested, warts and all.

    1. sable Post author

      Hi george

      Nothing catastrophic went wrong and it didn’t really go down hill rapidly. It was a going down hill from the start when I was given a bike that was not PDI’d. I am quite intolerant when it comes to repeated mistakes and every single time I dealt with them it there was a mistake.

      I do try to look on the bright side, and at time of writing I said the bike was good, it was the staff that were hopeless. Since writing that the bike has had a few expensive issues and now I say the bike is not so good and there is no bright side heh.



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