I spoke recently to my good friend Shaun at Building Upon the Clouds about a need to manage my time. I am full of beans and ready to go with the freelance life, but I had intended to take a break from work before the new year. Christmas to New Years week itself is I shall be doing Christmassy things. But this week I have nothing to do. So I shall be trying out a scheduled week as a dry run before I start pushing myself for freelance work.

The thing about being at home all the time is that my day totally lacks the structure it has had for my entire life.

Wake up. Commute. Work. Lunch. Work. Commute. Eat. Sleep.

Without structure of any sort my days seem to drift past me. So a rough days schedule for me this week, works out at having a 9 working day with about an hours worth of breaks. There will be variation in what I do in each period as and how work comes in. If all my work is writing, then writing will dominate. But it should be a decent bit of time management in the beginning.

As for my Saturdays and Sundays, they will most likely be spent visiting shows, selling prints at craft markets and days spent photographing anything and everything. My working week will be 6-7 days, but it still feels like it is less work than my last job.

To those that work from home or freelance, how do you manage your time? Or do you just wing it?

8 thoughts on “Calenders

  1. Ken Dowell

    One of the things I found which helps me focus s to not look at my phone and only check my email two or three times a day. I have an hour in the morning when I read various news feeds and my email then I try to go unplugged for a few hours.

  2. Phil Huston

    Frustration is going to be your worst enemy, and what to do when what you wanted to be doing doesn’t materialize every day. So always have a plan B, maybe a plan C and exercise. Fix things around the house. Do the laundry, “hoover.” Avoid the guilt you might associate with doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily be doing at 10:15 in the morning. Because as was said, you can waste a day sitting in front of your computer waiting for something to happen,

    1. sable Post author

      Housework has its place in my schedule too, I have to make a certain time for it because I am obsessive about not having dirty plates and dishes in the sink along with piles of washing sitting around the washroom and bedroom heh.

  3. Michelle

    Avoiding the distractions is the hardest part for me. As long as no one else is in the house, it’s easier, but when my daughter is home or on break, then it gets more challenging. I find I have a rough schedule that I try to stick to as best I can, similar to what you’ve outlined above. Find what works best for you and everything should fall into place.

    1. sable Post author

      I have a door to close out the world and my dogs are pretty good at not being arsehole woofy buggers during the day. The missus keeps to herself during work hours too as she has worked from home for years. I should be OK with avoiding distractions.

  4. Katrina

    When I’m at my busiest (and/or most organized), I do like you did–I plan my days out in time blocks (e.g., from 8 until 10 I’ll work on XYZ). Recently, I’ve been keeping a to-do list in order of priority, but starting in January, I plan on adding a blogging planner to the mix. I think you’re on the right track, and I hope the dry run goes well!


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