Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen – Duck

What is it?

An Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen from the missus recent ScrawlrBox. With a narrow fibre nib its ideal for writing or sketching. All colours are metallic so ideal for dark paper shades.

The Pros

Small enough to write nice name tags with, ideal for my pocket book doodles. Love the metallic effect, its the first time I have ever used a metallic coloured pen. No variation in line width so easily controllable ink.

The Cons

Theres no variation in available sizes. So although great for writing and pocket book doodles, they would be annoying on larger works. Is there demand for metallic pens with thicker nibs?

The Take Away

I like them. My first time straying from Posca Pens, and my duck came out in my typical style.

Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen

4 thoughts on “Edding 1200 Metallic Colourpen – Duck

    1. sable Post author

      Will have a nosey for them next time I am in Smiths. Will give them a doodle go.


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