“It’s not fair” sighed Cordie.

“What isn’t fair?” asked Reala.

“Well” grumbled Cordie, “if I drink lots of alcohol, everybody calls me alcoholic.”

“Right” replied Reala.

“So if I drink lots of Fanta” exclaimed Cordie, “why does nobody calls me fantastic.”

Tales of the Blue Moon

9 thoughts on “Drink

  1. bodeluc

    Love your work. Makes me feel like I’ve been right there with ya… been there, done that! Did we grow up together in SF?
    P.s. I do like to fly… and they DO call me flighty! Thanks for checking out my blog a few months ago! Class is awesome… but miss the “moon”

    1. sable Post author

      Thank you and you are welcome. The tales of the Blue Moon will be missed by all. LittleFears.co.uk is a good replacement but lacks the 8 or 9 years worth of back story and character progression heh.

      If you ever want to meet the Mooners they still all meet every Saturday at the Blue Moon Theatre in SecondLife. You would be more than welcome to come say hello!


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