Morgans Moustache and Beard Cream

(Pictured product is sample size, 20ml, actual product is full size 75ml)

What is it?
Morgans Moustache and Beard Cream is softening cream for beards and moustaches.

How To Use
Scoop a petit poi pea sized finger of cream, massage into moustache, comb through, style as desired.

The Pros
It smells pleasant and with just a few days use makes a noticeable difference. I mean it really does soften the moustache. Unlike pomades, Morgans Moustache cream takes the brittle edge off of your mo, meaning theres less chance of impaling your missus face when you give her a kiss.

The Cons
The branding. Oh god Morgans what were you thinking! If it was not for the Morgans quality name, I would not have tried this stuff. When you create classic branded products of ‘this kinda beauty and charm‘, why on earth do you whack that cheap hipster face on things?

The Take Away
I love this product, it is absolutely fantastic, anyone with a stiff moustache or beard should try this. I am sure it would make a good gift for Christmas. Not only for women buying it for men, but men gifting their women with a softer snog.

Morgans Moustache and Beard Cream

3 thoughts on “Morgans Moustache and Beard Cream

  1. Phil Huston

    Even music is clip art these days. If all the art directors would unhook their noses from each other’s bottoms and look around maybe there would be a shift away from homogeneity in all things merchandising.

    Likelihood of happening?

    1. sable Post author

      There are some of us that fly the flag Phil. Have a google for James Victore and Stanley Hainsworth from Tether. Both branding and marketing, and both hugely imaginative interesting people.


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