Woody’s Daily Conditioner


What is it?
Woody’s Daily Conditioner is a mens hair conditioner from the USA. I got it in my recent ModernMan order. It’s meant to leave your hair nourished and healthy.

How To Use
Apply to freshly washed hair and rinse.

The Pros
The smell is fantastic, reminded me of Tutti Fruitis. Not sure if that was the goal though. Its got green tea, mint, sunflower and ginger in. The amount you get in the bottle is good to, I reckon this is going to last me months.

The Cons
My hair is flat, thin and not much of anything. I have used mens conditioners before and they have left my hair feeling a lil thicker, shinier and bouncier. Woody’s does not do this for my hair. That said, checking other reviews, it seems people with thick hair love it.

The Take Away
Nice smelling product, fairly cheap, but I reckon its not for my hair type. Would suggest it if you have thick hair though.

Woody’s Daily Conditioner

7 thoughts on “Woody’s Daily Conditioner

  1. Michael Seidel

    One of the things I’ve discovered about hair, skin and beard products is that your age becomes more important as you age. Thus, my hair when I was thirty, forty, fifty and now sixty has different needs, but to learn about the needs and what works is more trail and error than ever before. But it sounds like my hair is much like yours. Thanks for the post.

    1. sable Post author

      Thin and scraggly hair? Reckon we need something like the old ‘Impact’ mens conditioner. Shame they have not been available since the 90’s.


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