To Do – Write a To Do

I have been asked a few times how I get so much done in a day, both on my blog and at my place of work. People marvel at how much drawing, writing, PR’ing, social media… Ing… And other ‘ings I get through.

My reply is usually ‘A strong To Do’.

Case in point, a week or so ago, I did this. *Click Me*

An awful lot done in a single day I am sure you will agree.

Yesterday I had no To Do, but I had the drive to get up and get stuff done. I was going to set out my price list for services rendered, get ahead on a weeks blogging, art and photography, and have a nice clean empty Sunday.

I did none of that. I ended up struggling to get my price list written up, three posts done, one I had already made, and then floundered like a bloody fairy for the rest of the day.

The power of a To Do is strong.


16 thoughts on “To Do – Write a To Do

    1. sable Post author

      Hey there Alisha.

      Your contents interesting. I would say tidy up them widgets, either put something in them, replace them with useful widgets or remove them.

      Give yourself a proper about page, add a lil text to the contact page and home page.

      Your personal posts could use some paragraphs, the walls of text can be hard to follow top to bottom.

      Then consider meeting some other poets. Go to and search the Poetry tag. Like, comment and follow the blogs that interest you.

      That will give you a good start.

      Your content is good, poetry is pleasant to read and you quite an interesting and likable person. A visual tidy would do, then get out there and meet some other like minded bloggers. 🙂

      Good luck!

  1. Dez x

    Over the years I have had a “to do list” but not a strong one.
    I’ve can see that perhaps if it was a “strong to do list” I might have stuck to it better and achieved more for it. I definitely waiver in my convictions for carrying out my own intentions, especially when I know I don’t “really” have a deadline.

    Reading this gave me something to consider and a giggle. Thanks!

  2. valentinablingbling

    I have the same. I carry an A4 page with me where I write everything that comes to my mind.. such, as laundry, buy tickets for… reserve hotels, write a post about… and as I do it, I cross it out… I tried to use my phone to run my to do list, but it does not work… I am dinosaur, I need pen and paper.. I need to read and re-read it all the time!

    1. sable Post author

      I think paper cements it in the brain better. Digital To Do’s can be sorted in an infinite amount of ways, but paper To Do’s get shit done. 🙂

    1. sable Post author

      We can all be dinosaurs together then, well keep an eye out for meteors and paper moths…. 🙂

  3. jilldennison

    I feel like a slacker! You wrote 6 posts in an hour, whereas I typically spend 3-4 hours on a single post, and have spent 6-8 on some that required more research! I must learn your secret! 😀

    1. sable Post author

      To be fair, flash blogger. Most of my posts weigh in under 512 characters, with the longer ones less than 300 words. 🙂

        1. sable Post author

          Yeah your posts are huge, well thought out good reads, everything here is quick fire and snappy. 🙂

          1. jilldennison

            I always enjoy your posts … need to get over to your blog more often, but this election has kept me writing 10-12 hours a day! Hopefully I will have time to re-discover life outside my computer soon! 😀


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