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A few changes. Did ya see them? I have gone more visual with the blog this last 6 months, so filled it out a bit, increased the max width of the blog from 500 to about 750. Lets the images flow better.

I also added a proper menu with all the topics under the blog button on the top left and removed those ghastly links down the right side.

Last change was to add a shop page. It has a loosely filled out Threadless store, which I imagine you all know is going to expand. It also has all the featured items from the blog with Amazon affiliate links. I get paid pennies if you click one of them links and purchase a product, but it does build over time and helps put bread on the table and buy chews for the dogs, so all pennies appreciated.

I do need to cut down those social icons. Put them there and have since decided theres to many of them and they also look ghastly.

With a quick question to you wonderful followers, can you see anything else that needs improving? Anything that can be tightened up? Enhanced? Better presented? Let me know, would love to hear your critiques!

7 thoughts on “Shop, Blog & Changes

  1. anitabacha

    My blog is in need of changes too… I started as a novice and a bit hesitant…not wanting to venture in blogging… Now I am more confident as I read blogs and I know how to blog… WordPress keeps telling me to go Premium… I should.. Your blog is great 😀

  2. Phil Huston

    Funny. Someone wrote a blog about what are you prepared to do for more readers. My response was forget the million emails, run spell check and freaking add some menus about what’s topical on “your” blog instead of shotgunning serialized stories between recipes and haiku. Not that you are guilty, but a little housecleaning and desk cleaning does wonders…Amen. Next.

    1. sable Post author

      Hah, instead I shotgun serialized flash fiction heh. Yeah finally adding a nice menu is nice. 🙂

    1. sable Post author

      Thank you and yes, threadless is a PoD site that is now branching into prints so I need to assault and retidy (again) all my items heh.


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