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I do wonder if you had a focus on blogging or earning from home, what would your 8 hour working day look like? Obviously it will change from day to day, I will have days where I design for other people, write for other people, video Skillshare courses, make YouTube videos and create Etsy art.

But its a good question for those bloggers that want to leave their remnants of their day job isn’t it? What would an average 8 hour day look like to you?

If I ignored any work I had been asked to do, it might look like this.

1 Hour on blog posts
1 Hours on Tales (video and written)
1 Hour creating art images

1 Hour putting salable images on S6/Threadless/Redbubble
1 Hour finding places to get published

30 Minutes finding new clients
30 Minutes tidying / grammar checking blog
30 Minutes of photography
30 Minutes reading and commenting on others blog

1 Hour on Social Media (The time trap!)

I shall have to give it a go and see how much I can actually get done in a full 8 hour day. Stop watch at the ready!

12 thoughts on “One Day

      1. usathroughoureyes

        We just started this new adventure which began with our recent 6,500 mile trek across the great United States recording it in photo, video, audio and stories. We are now developing our site and lots of things are being ready to be posted.

        1. sable Post author

          Aha, I was wondering because I have seen some of your adventures, how long do you think you will be working on the site (+ all the digital content?)

          1. usathroughoureyes

            It is so funny you ask. We got the dream August 2016 with a target of leaving Sept 2016. In that month we developed our website (of which we knew nothing about before hand), worked out the route we wanted to travel, purchased all the camping supplies and on 9/1 we got in our 2002 Toyota Camry with 245k miles on it and left. 5 weeks, 16 states, 6 thousand mile later we arrived back home. The experience was incredible and we have more to record.

    1. sable Post author

      I am actually not sure if thats what blogging full time would be like. But freelance PR does take 8+ hours a day, and my day job works out 8 hours a day, so I figure if you were to blogging full time, it would also be at least 8 hours a day heh.


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