I am a great believer of being able to fix your motorbike on the go and always carrying a toolkit. That said, I managed to break down right outside a garage after filling up on the Brighton Burn Up without a tool kit last month. The only toolkit they had was a little cheap s chips Rolson mini toolkit.

This thing has been a life saver. It got me and 2 other stranded bikers home that day, then got 2 out of 3 break downs back on the road at the London Distinguished Gentlemans Ride.

Mix combine it with a multi spanner and fold up cycle tool, and thats a good compact starter toolkit to get you home through minor breakdowns.

Black Park 2

Continued bopping about Black Park.

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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Went to the London Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride today. I totally failed to raise any funds for the cause. Heres hoping I helped raise at east a smidgen of awareness. Enough for one guy to check his balls before its to late would be enough.

I met the guys from Herald and saw a total of 12 Heralds throughout the day. 12 of the buggers! Only one Sinnis. Herald have gotten quite popular. Hats off to them.

Brighton Burn Up 2016

brighton burn up ace cafe 2016

Last week I headed to Brighton for the annual Brighton Burn Up. 50,000 or more motorcycles heading to one coastal town, good fun! I took the Sinnis Retrostar. The days break downs involved my rear brakes springs snapping. I shall of course be replacing them with Herald springs. *Sigh*

Sinnis Retrostar Long Term Review

To the motorcycle followers, I did say I was going to write a follow up for Sinnis Retrostar review. However after reading and adding links to all my Sinnis posts last month, I cannot add anything of use, other than its had a few mechanical issues. Writing about continued issues with the bike just feels like flogging a dead horse. So my Sinnis Retrostar review ends with Part #9 – The Unfortunate End. I get all my parts from Herald. I will run it until it dies, then get myself a bike above 125cc, either Triumph, Enfield or Herald.

Click here for 2 long term reviews of Sinnis Motorcycles