In which shit gets done.

Holy crap I have so much on my to do list for August. I do not believe a life can be lived and an income made easily online, so there’s offline real world stuff I am aiming for not listed below such as making business cards and meeting new contacts.

For my blog, book and odd bits of extra teaching and design though…

5 Threadless Designs
5 etsy listings
2 skillshare courses
Reach 5000 WordPress subscribers (currently 3809)
Create Projects menu
Update Sinnis review
Update tech guides
Log into old blogs and see what’s still be viewed highly and why
Get fit (Note diet and exercise daily)
5 Scribblers Cove pictures
Write 30 Tales of the Blue Moon
Write 30 blog posts

All this works towards self improvement mentally, physically and financially. Posting this to do list so I can hold myself accountable to this at the end of the month. Shall let you know how I get on.

Jaunty’s speed

Tiny blog post, i downloaded and installed Jaunty Xubuntu 64bit on Friday. I have been in utter awe and wonder at how fast it boots. Have not timed it properly but i am sure its under 15 secound’s from turning my PC on to having a full desktop.

Download Ubuntu HERE

Download Xubuntu HERE

Linux Bookmark project (part 6)

Ok, started adding in more bookmarks this weekend. Still haven’t started doing the blogs yet annoyingly. Anywhos, ive added in all the photography and artwork in Linux links that are on this blog. Links to guides for Blender, Inkscape, Gimp and photography applications.

Link to art guides page

Link to photography applications

All the links on them pages have been bookmarked under their respective headings, and will be combined and uploaded later today.

For those that havent heard of the Linux bookmark project yet, heres a link : Linky

My obsession returned >.<

My obsession with having a clean menu and minimal amount of crud installed on my system has returned. >.<

In case your not a regular reader, a month or so ago i went against all my normal instincts with a fresh install of Xubuntu Intrepid (Linkage to article).

I installed :

Open Office (the whole suite)
30 odd games
And much much more…

I sat looking at my huge menu today and weeped. I could not hold it in any longer! The terminal was opened, and off i went with a sudo apt-get purge list-longer-than-my-arm. I am now back down to 10-15 applications total. I am much much happier. I guess some people are not meant to have bloated PC’s…… ^^

Will i remove the mouse?

A hard question has rose its ugly head to me recently. I realy like a pretty looking desktop. I also like XFCE (bit of a fanboi tbh). Whenever i look at trying new distros i look for what has XFCE first. I loved MINT XFCE and Zenwalk because they both looked fantastic. Also, XFCE has a mouse. This is no trivial thing. Mice rock!

But recently ive been feeling the need for something different… Something maybe a little more satisfying or pretty…..

I dont want Gnome + Compiz. Theres a lot of themes to choose from but its not something im intrested in. To bland and samey for my liking.

KDE? Well maybe, but ive never felt any empathy towards KDE. Never any desire to use it at all. So what else does that leave me with?

Well theres Enlightenment…

Hmms thats an intresting one isnt it… I could try Enlightenment17, give it a bash, so how the ‘arty’ DE is. Its been a while scince i last used it to be honest. So maybe i should try E17.

A flick about and i see two that stand out to me. Elive and OzOs. Elive is based on Debian and OzOs is based on Xubuntu.

Now Elive looks stunning. It mixes the beauty of E17 with Compiz to create an incredibly beautiful distro. OzOs is just E17, but its based on Xubuntu. This had me thinking for a minute. I could stick to my beloved Xubuntu base and carry on wearing my ‘comfy Ubuntu slippers’. Ive always loved Ubuntu/Xubuntu so it just feels comfy for me to use now. Or i could move onto Elive with its Debian base. Debians not unlike Ubuntu in many ways, but at the same time, its not Ubuntu. Does that make sense?

The one slight drawback with OzOs is it uses a Hardy Heron base. This means i wont be able to take advantage of the EXT4 file structure Jaunty is going to use for a long time.

I think i will give them both a spin, see what they are like. Heck, to be honest if i get on with E17 i can always follow my own steps for when i made my own mix of Ubuntu and install E17 on an Ubuntu base. First of all though, i need to give them a spin ^^