HP x360 13.3″ 2 in 1

Holy crap this thing is sexy. Its a 13 inch HP Pavilion laptop, that flips to become a 13.3″ tablet. I finally broke and got a decent computer. This this is blisteringly fast with the web. It can open large files for graphics and design. It even has a centered track pad (which I am super anal about). It is so lightweight. I absolutely love it.

The hard drive can be upgraded, which is good because I have a spare 960gb Sandisk ultra SSD. I need to a get a mini adapter for it though. I already have Ubuntu Linux running of a micro USB drive. It is the first modern PC I have had in 4 years!

The novelty of being able to blog at high speed is going to take a while to wear off… 🙂

The Bloggers Mobile

I got this Phablet last year, and its speed, memory, screen and power put both my tablet and and laptop to shame. It became a default item for web use for me.

At £115 quid its one of the few cheap purchases I have made that has really worked out. I say cheap, bare in mind I got it June 2015, and it has a true 5.5-inch 1080p HD screen with an octa core processor, an SD card slot and 2gb of ram. At the time it was more powerful that all of the PCs and iPads in the office at work. It still is I imagine. Its got a pretty decent back camera too.

Its fantastic for WordPress, social media and note taking (I am an Evernote whore!). The camera is great for snapping the dogs and photographing and cropping my doodles.

I have not yet seen any lag on it. It multi tasks superbly. Over a year later and I have no intention of upgrading any time soon.

If you are in the market for bloggers phablet, I would highly recommend it, as I cannot see anything better in that price bracket. Or even a bit above that price bracket for that matter…

Vodafone Ultra 6.

KS Boombar

The KS Boombar is a proper sexy bit of kit! Not only do they look fab, but the sound quality is incredible for such a compact speaker. Though this is coming from someone who lived through those god awful tiny speakers you used to get in the 80’s and 90’s. Times have changed.

It connects via blue tooth and found all my android devices and PC without hesitation. Its easy to pair. It lasts about 10-12 hours of a single charge. It charges from a USB port, and has a normal headphone to headphone jack. Good if you want a static speaker for your PC as it can be left to sit and run plugged in.

It comes with a good quality carry case with mesh pockets inside to take you cables with you.

It’s great for confusing the dogs when it’s all wireless and someone’s talking out of the radio on it.

Alternatively hide it under the dog bed and make it meow… That would freak em out!

Anyone got a cat I can burrow to record some noises?

Good speaker for a radio and music loving mobile blogger.

Time of day matters to bloggers

Ahh the paper foxes! Remember them? I did a series of them back in 2012!

Any who, yeah time of day kinda does matter for bloggers. Sort of. I cannot stand the super focused maximize views efforts some people go to. I get it. I do. If its your life and sole income, go for it. But I do not like it.

That said, I know if I post in the morning as people are looking at their phones commuting, I will get views, If I post early evening, I will also get views. If I post mid day or after 11pm UK time, my posts get barely a blip.

I do not want to get to a point where a I post at exactly 7:12 am and 6:45pm every day like a clockwork blogger. But I do try to aim for within an hour each way of 7am and 7pm. If I want views, they tend to be the best times for me to post.

Do you aim precisely or roughly for a time of day with your posting?

Logitech Ultra Thin Mouse

logitch ultra thin mouse

Holy crap I love this thing. I got it from PC world when it first came out, it is available on Amazon here.

Its super smooth, like a pebble under your hand. The mouse button is sort of on the underside, and it has a right and left click when you press where the buttons should be. You scroll by moving your finger over the mouse like you would a scroll wheel, its touch sensitive. It connects via blue tooth and works with every PC and Android device I have tried it with. Its ultra portable and fits in the little pockets in laptop & tablet bags. You can pair it with 2 different devices, it lasts months of a single charge and quite frankly, for a mouse, it looks quite sexy.

The only downsides I could say is that its buttons make loud clicks and the USB charger point is on the bottom so you cannot charge it and use it.

Neither of those are downsides. Unless you live with someone OCD about silence, they may kill you about the clicks. Being killed is definitely a downside.