Not very deep

Inspired by Phil Hustons “Not Very Deep Thoughts.”

I find his thoughts quite deep to be honest. A blog of conversational fiction, good read for that time between Christmas and New years when everyone is either shipping or in limbo waiting for the new year to begin.

As usual doodled with Posca Pens.


A little unfair in modern day context. Milwall supporters used to be collectively grouped together as football hooligans. Thugs, bully’s and nutters.

In today’s world, football violence is still an underlying threat, but it is not like it used to be. All the modern Milwall supporters I met in visits to their stadium have been quite nice folk.

The skin head scene in Black Books summed up the old opinion of Milwall supporters, with Bernard Black trying to get beaten up to avoid doing his tax returns.

A very good British comedy series by the way, worth grabbing on DVD as a late crimbo present for the Brit in your life.

Doodled with Posca Pens.


Another wet one. We all know waterfalls are powerful buggers, that can snatch people up and carry them away, so what if they did it intentionally? Would you go out on that canoe if you knew the monsters were waiting for you? Or would you shout “f**k that alligator” and jump on in?

Darwin awards await.

Doodled with Posca Pens.

Hang On

Yesterdays doodle said nothing. Today’s doodle says hang on in there. We are nearly at the end of the year. The new year will bring awesome things!

Actually thats a lie, the new year will bring you more of the same. In the new year will you keep taking the same? Or will you hang on in there and keep climbing? Will you rise up? Will you take a different life?

I will. I am already working on it.

Hang on in there. The new year will bring you nothing. But in the new year you may figure out how to take more than what the more of the same that the year brings.

Doodled with Posca Pens.