I hate brush script. I mean I REALLY hate brush script. It has been a slow build but when I see font’s in the shape of hand writing it annoys me now. The perfectly aligned letters that are exact replicas of each other. I think people want a perfectly hand written text that looks hand written, but it just ends up looking inorganic. Nobodies hand writing is perfect. Its the lumps and bumps that make it interesting in my opinion. Want something to look hand written? Hand write it!

As for Safar, that comes from my good friend Safar from Blisters, Bunions and Blarney. I just like the sound of her name and think it writes well.

Doodled with Posca Pens.


“He dumped me!” yelled Mel.

“Oh dear” replied Reala. “Any idea why?”

“He says all I talk about is football” grumbled Mel.

“Thats a shame” said Reala.

“Good riddance” said Mel, “I’m glad I was only with him for 5 seasons…”

Tales of the Blue Moon


Back to the heads! Yeah they keep popping into my mind and needing to be doodled. Continuing the heads inspired by Mike Villegas. Looks a bit Ming the Merciless. I remember a game of some sort from the 90’s called Doomtown, and it had Oriental pirates called the Maze Rats in. Pretty cool bunch, but have no idea how 90’s racist it was because I can only remember them being Oriental and pirates heh.

Doodled with Posca Pens.


“I was thinkin” said Sath.

“About what” asked Pru.

“Pumpkins” said Sath.

“Huh?” questioned Pru.

“OK” said Sath, “take this pumpkin.”

“Oh thanks” said Pru reaching out”

“No” interrupted Sath. “I mean take this pumpkin as an example. If you divide its circumference by its diameter, what do you get?”

“Hmmm” thought Pru. “Pumpkin Pi?”

Reala groaned from the store room.

Tales of the Blue Moon