What do you see?

I am often fascinated by the way 10 people can look at a scene, and see 10 different things.

Some may see a tiny cramped office attempt in a hallway. Others may see a tight wad who just spent £22. Others may notice the Wacom Bamboo 2 pen. Some may see a bed for the dogs. A keen eye may see a niece and nephew in a photo riding my motorbike.

Then there are those who see the start of a new empire.

5 days left at the day job. Gotta get ready now.

Flat Pack Office


You all have my apologies. I have not been responsive to comments this last few days and my scheduled posts have been the only activity from me this week. I handed in my notice a few weeks ago at work and I am in the process of building an office in the hallway out of £22 worth of furniture and getting it all home on the bike. That’s my office in them bags. That’s a small table, a stool, a set of wire drawers and some stationary. That’s a cheap Ikea shop. That’s the start of something that is.

I’ll be back with you all shortly. Promise.

Changing Genre

It’s quite hard to change genre when you over do a particular genre isn’t it?

I like weird fiction, horror, sci fi and a smidgen of drama, but I usually revert back to humour. I am not sure why. I think I need to step away from all the usual characters to try something else.

One of my favorite non pun flash fictions that I have written was Cheshire. One of my favorite Second Life stage plays that I have written will always be Catnip Tea, a World War 2 short story where a lady finds herself in bar with a fella who makes tea from catnip.

I can change to other genres. I think I just get set in my ways you know?

Ever been genre stuck yourself? How did you get out and write something different?

To Do – Write a To Do

I have been asked a few times how I get so much done in a day, both on my blog and at my place of work. People marvel at how much drawing, writing, PR’ing, social media… Ing… And other ‘ings I get through.

My reply is usually ‘A strong To Do’.

Case in point, a week or so ago, I did this. *Click Me*

An awful lot done in a single day I am sure you will agree.

Yesterday I had no To Do, but I had the drive to get up and get stuff done. I was going to set out my price list for services rendered, get ahead on a weeks blogging, art and photography, and have a nice clean empty Sunday.

I did none of that. I ended up struggling to get my price list written up, three posts done, one I had already made, and then floundered like a bloody fairy for the rest of the day.

The power of a To Do is strong.


Movember 2016 #2

Be honest, could you ever love a woman who shaved her moustache?

Movemeber Foundation