I spoke recently to my good friend Shaun at Building Upon the Clouds about a need to manage my time. I am full of beans and ready to go with the freelance life, but I had intended to take a break from work before the new year. Christmas to New Years week itself is I shall be doing Christmassy things. But this week I have nothing to do. So I shall be trying out a scheduled week as a dry run before I start pushing myself for freelance work.

The thing about being at home all the time is that my day totally lacks the structure it has had for my entire life.

Wake up. Commute. Work. Lunch. Work. Commute. Eat. Sleep.

Without structure of any sort my days seem to drift past me. So a rough days schedule for me this week, works out at having a 9 working day with about an hours worth of breaks. There will be variation in what I do in each period as and how work comes in. If all my work is writing, then writing will dominate. But it should be a decent bit of time management in the beginning.

As for my Saturdays and Sundays, they will most likely be spent visiting shows, selling prints at craft markets and days spent photographing anything and everything. My working week will be 6-7 days, but it still feels like it is less work than my last job.

To those that work from home or freelance, how do you manage your time? Or do you just wing it?

Gentleman’s Grooming Show

A couple of brands I represent will be at the Gentleman’s Grooming Show this weekend. If any of you fine people will be there as well, let me know, would be groovy to meet up with some fellow bloggers.

For a quick skivvy of mens products I have already reviewed, have a mosey through the Men’s Room on the blog. It looks considerably better now I have a consistent review format aye?

I do like to get the most out of a day. So while in East London I shall be toutin for a bit of extra business and taking as much winter photography as I can. We shall hope for no rain and by Monday, expect to see Christmas decorations and Hyde Park trees on the blog.

November Wrap & December To Do

I am a frequent To Do list creator and monthly wrap up post writer. This month and next month can quite frankly be summed up in 4 lines.

In November I quit my day job to go full time freelance.

In December I shall get healthy

In December I shall chill the feck out.

In January I shall kick some arse.

I do need to push hard to earn a wage from home, but after 17 years of doing 2-3 hours a day London commuting on a motorcycle at a job that was really dragging me down, I need to recharge.

With all that said, Monday I made a nicely polished media kit, and I am kinda raring to go. Nice chilling out there Sable. That’ll do it…

Do bloggers need Media Kits?

Do you need a media kit? Kinda depends doesn’t it?

Personally I do. I have a multitude of jobs and tasks I can do. I also approach people a lot looking for work. I need to put myself and the jobs I am capable of doing out there somehow.

There is room for improvement. Although I have 2 images at the bottom, I still like the flow. I want my services right under the ‘Hello’ section. I could do with squeezing in some reviews or brands I have worked with in there, but it is cramped as it is. Also, most people get a good gauge of me from my website.

My price list and complete job list is separate, that thing covers 6 or 7 pages. You can see why when approaching brands, I need something like this to show what I can do.

So do you need one? It depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve in work and with your blog. Do you want to reach out to brands and introduce yourself? A media kit discussing your blog and what you can do for a brand will help. On the odd occasions I get sent a media pack from a blogger asking about a brand, they immediately had my attention. Not only does a media pack make you look serious, but it also tells me most of what I want to know up front.

(Click here for 7 things I look for in bloggers looking for products for review)

On another level entirely, do you want work beyond blogging? Lord knows I do! I love blogging, I love the community and I love reading blogs. But good grief the pay for blogging is awful. 99.99999% of people cannot make a living from blogging alone.

So do you offer other services other than blog posts? If you do, you might also want to make yourself a media kit with a rough list of services you offer on.

If you cannot think of a reason to give anyone a media kit, you don’t need one. Not everyone blogs for the same reason. If you blog as a diary for example, I imagine you would be wasting your time making a media kit.

Something to think about for a lot of you though I am sure. The above media kit was made in Libre Office Word, using an old CV template, with my own images added.

Download my media kit as an example.

Download Link to Sables Media Kit

1000 Subscribers WordPress Skillshare Course

Skillshare are back at it with the $0.99 Subscription Sale. The teachers have a referral link allowing new students a 3 month subscription for $0.99.

The link below goes to my course, but once signed up you get full access to thousands of teachers courses covering everything from social media and creative writing to knitting and origami. I’m bias, I know, but for $0.99 it is an bargain.

How to gain 1000 WordPress subscribers in a month on Skillshare.