“Aha, is that the Ebay app?” asked Reala.

“Yeah I have decided to sell my vacuum” replied Fuen.

“Ah” said Reala, “for spares and repairs?”

“Eh” said Fuen. “It’s just gathering dust…”




bird spirit

That’s meant to be some sort of bird spirit. I have had this idea of using the characters I doodle for a story for ages. I drew this doodle for Inktober last week and its gotten stuck in my head.

A creature wakes up in a hot air balloon, well above the clouds, moving towards the edge of the atmosphere. A bird spirit is perched on the basket edge.

“Ello fella, wouldn’t mind letting this thing down a bit would you? I’m running out of air and its a long way back down to bird flying height.”

A journey ensues. No idea how it ends, but it’s stuck in there as a story I need to tell you know? Funny the way stories given the right collected prompts and appropriate baking time can form and start demanding to be told isn’t it?



DMS over at made a buff for me (on the right) and a doggy jumper for a Russell (on the left) some years ago. Properly hand spun wool crocheted into real hand made clobber. The sorta clothing that lasts until the end of time, and keeps you warm all the way there. Nice.

Fujifilm XF1 – f/4.2 – ISO 800


Coming Out


Arf and ack!

Doodle for Inktober, today’s theme is Box
Doodled with Posca Paint Pens & Tipp-Ex

Job Security

“The problem is job security” ranted Fuen.

“My job secure” replied Reala.

“Oh?” asked Fuen”

“Nobody wants it” sighed Reala.