National Identity

Might be a London thing, but I have always identified as British, a member of a great multicultural nation. I have never identified as English. After a life spent backing the minority or losing political side and opinion I realise I will never identify as English. I just do not share the rest of my countries opinion.

That has been OK until this week. After the Brexit vote, looking to the future, and most likely break up of the United Kingdom, the British will lose the British identity and be separated into Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English. So today I am suffering a massive cultural identity crisis. That is an odd sensation.

I am not sure what to do next. With no cultural identity and no feeling of belonging do I just become some sort of cultural nomad?

Free WordPress following course going premium in 24 hours


The course for gaining a WordPress following which I put on Skillshare the other day has received 30 enrolments, all positive reviews and some good feedback here. So its going to go premium tomorrow. If you join and enrol within the next day you get free access to it always.

If you join after it goes to premium, a premium account on Skillshare costs 99 cents for three months and gives you access to thousands of classes far more professional than mine.

Hit the link below to join :

How to gain 1000 WordPress followers in a month on Skillshare

Free skillshare class on How I gained 1000 WordPress followers


For the time being this class is free.

A real bad case of ‘Can do better’. I have been holding audiences and talking over microphones for years online and in real life. I lead, others follow. I talk, others listen. That sounds big headed I know. But it is a skill I have built with years of experience. Usually off the cuff and never scripted.

So when I saw wanting teachers, of course it was an obvious route for me to take.

Fustratingly it did not go well. I did a short course on gaining WordPress followers. I recorded voice overs for a screenshot slideshow.

Once finished I published it and watched it. It wasn’t the worst thing I have ever done, but stone the crows it was awful compared to what I can do.

No personality, bland, not sharp and snappy like everything else I do.

So for the time being I have set this class to free. If it gets some decent reviews I’ll consider putting it up to premium.

A premium account costs as little as $0.99 for 3 months by the way and gives you access to the whole of skillshares premium site, so it’s still a good deal.

On the upside it’s been a good learning experience of using video editing software, audio software, and how to actually make a course. So I will be creating more courses in the next few weeks on other subjects and hopefully bring in my trademark snappyness and humour.