Do you box?

The brands I work for get approached by subscription box companies weekly looking for free or painfully low cost products to put into subscription boxes. I am generally against them, because none of them guarantee any PR, Blog or future business return.

However, as I am making an effort to look after myself better, I figure its worth trying a 3 month subscription to the mens Toppbox. Toppbox have some really good mens brands on board, only one for mens grooming worth looking at in the UK at the moment.

My first one arrived with a Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm, Trevarno Organic Mens Moisturiser, Gruhme and Scaramouche & Fandango Body Wash

I have never used moisturizers or balms before. The products I got are all 4 – 5 stars on Amazon so rated pretty good (if maybe a lil small). You only get sample sizes in the box.

I’ll let you know how I get on with them.

It’s not that bad

Went for my first decent length bicycle ride for years this morning. Gave up waiting for the cough to go before I try and get fit and as it is meant to be the hottest day of the year, wanted to get it done early.

Managed to average 15mph which is fairly good on a terrible single speed Foffa bicycle. I was left encouraged at the end by the sight of muscles in my leg I thought had long faded. They are still there.

I also found the NHS weight chart. Turns out at 12 stone I’m still considered a healthy weight (just).

So my goal remains the same. Eat healthier, build some muscle back up and aim for 10 stone. I do not think it’s going to be as hard as first thought. 😊

Blogging from Android

I gave up somewhat with desktop PC’s years ago. I currently use an Asus Memopad 7 HD with a Sandstrom Keyboard along with Evernote, WordPress app and Firefox for all my blogging. Not only does it fit in with my compact minimal preferences for life, its also mobile enough for me to use while sitting in the cafe before work. Which rather oddly is the time of day I am most productive.

Does anyone else out there blog from something other than a PC? I always wondered how viable blogging from a mobile phone would be.