Kent Brushes

I have had a moustache since Movember 2015. Keeping it presentable forces me to shave more often than I did before, or I end up looking like a bear walrus man beast.

Recently got a Kent Brushes moustache comb. I quite like it. They are hand made and pretty sexy. They have huge trade show stands at where they often have someone sitting making the Brushes. I have been coveting Kent’s for a while.

Twang of nostalgia too. The marble tones are the same tones my dad’s combs from the 70s &  80s had.

It’s a good quality comb that keeps the moustache much tidier. 😊

Concise Blogging

I am a concise blogger. I am told people like that about me.

My desire for berevity stems from a combination of not being to express my opinion in long form without muddling words and 7-8 years of quick fire stories, sketches, and performances at the Blue Moon Theatre. A theatre in Second Life where attention spans are short and group notices are limited to 512 characters.

Every piece of writing I would read back to myself, then delete every non essential line. I then re-read and condense text. If I can replace a full scentence with a couple of words, I do. I want every line of text to go somewhere with no wasted words.

Long posts have their place on the internet, but generally not here, not by me.

An hours ago post was 3 times longer than it now is. :)