Ever think a tie is more than an article of clothing? I reckon so.

Some situations wearing ties can make you feel empowered. Other situations wearing a tie makes you feel trapped. There is a whole range of feelings a smart tie can induce and the lines between blur.

Does the situation decide how you feel? Or is it the tie? Or is it both?…

Awful scan of a doodle doodled with Posca Pens.



“Well I used to teach” said ComCow.

“You were a teacher?” asked Ailsa.

“Yeah, science, space and stuff” said ComCow.

“What sorta stuff?” asked Ailsa, walking right into it.

“Gravity” said ComCow, “it was a heavy subject” she smirked.


That pile of crap would drive you nuts right? I know it will drive me nuts. It has sat on the other side of the drawers up the end of the hallway for years. The 2 owl boxes and odds and ends of motorcycle parts.

The problem is, the hallway is long, and goes nowhere except under the stairs. Thats a few metres past the drawers that you can fill with crap and never see, look at and deal with.

Thats a problem. We put stuff in there and it just sits, from now until evermore. That does not sit well with my minimalist values. So I dragged some of it out, dumped it near my desk where I have to look at it and I know its going to drive me mental looking at that mess until I either sort it, tidy it or Ebay it.

Now theres a life metaphor. It’s easy to ignore things we cannot see isn’t it? Family, friends, health issues, that squeak at the back of the car or a leaky tap.

If like me, you lean to the OCD side of cleaning up a mess, try putting whatever you are ignoring in front of you. Put it where you have to keep seeing it. A new tap next to your alarm clock. The mechanics card on to your dashboard. A photo of family by your desk.

*Opens Ebay app*

Red Hot Chilli’s

Another from my music doodles a few weeks ago. I know how to spell Chili, I promise. I had a brain fart.

Hey I was still employed full time when I drew this one. Interesting thought. I do not think I had given in my notice by that week. Time does fly.

So who doesn’t love the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I am pretty sure this was doodled when Californication was on the radio. I’ll be honest, I cannot think of a single Chilli’s song I do not like. Loved the west coast vibe of 90’s American music that drifted across the Atlantic to the UK.

Doodled with Posca Pens.



“It was good while it lasted” sighed Autumn.

“What ya talking about?” asked a nosey Reala.

“Autumn says she once dated a snowman” said Nikki.

“What happened?” asked Reala.

“Eh” sighed Autumn, “he had a meltdown.”