October 30th

“The funny ones survive” said Alex. “You said that.”

Alex sighed.

“Its been a month. The doctors say if you don’t improve…”

Alex looked at the various machines puffing and binging around the room.


“The funny ones are meant to survive.”

Movember Foundation
Distinguished Gentlemans Ride


I found out about Inktober from DMStrachan.co.uk last year.

Inktober is Jake Parkers themed list of prompts to improve his skill with daily inking practice.

I do not ink, but I do need inspiration to get Posca’ing. So I shall be commandeering his list and throwing my Posca paint pen set and Tipp-Ex into the ring for Inktober. Want to get some artwork practice in yourself? Join and follow the #Inktober hashtag.

Out patient

“Yeah the doctor says he is confident he removed all the cancer” said Alex.

“Excellent” said the nurse.

“How longs he been asleep?” asked Alex, gesturing toward Nai.

“Longer than I would have expected” said the nurse. “I’ll wake him closer to tea time.”

Movember Foundation
Distinguished Gentlemans Ride


“Good luck” said Nai.

The porter wheeled Alex out of the ward.

“Everything OK Nai?” asked the nurse.

“Yeah I just have problems sleeping sometimes” said Nai drifting off. “My snoring sometimes wakes me up.”

“Oh dear” said the nurse, have you spoken to the doctor about it?”

“Ye..a..” said Nai. “He to..ld.. me to slee..p in anoth… another room…”

Nai promptly went to sleep.

Movember Foundation
Distinguished Gentlemans Ride



Landscape made with Autodesk Sketchbook on Android.